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A Cardinal Rule of Entertaining…



This rule applies whether you are having another a few people over for dinner or hosting a large party.

And is rather simple: Don’t trap your guests.

Here are some examples:

At a dinner party, don’t tell your friends to arrive promptly at 5 pm only to serve dinner at 8:30.

At your child’s birthday party., don’t wait until the bitter end to serve the cake. Halfway or two-thirds of the way through will give the guests that need to leave early an easy exit. (And from experience I can tell you that 1.5 hours is PLENTY of time for a young child’s party!).
At a wedding or baby shower, don’t require your guests to play five games in a row. Or make them sit in a tight circle of chairs to watch an hour of monotonous present opening. If you must, however, every so often verbally announce that you’ve just put out some more food or drinks to give guests and opportunity to get up without feeling awkward.
Planning is good and shows thoughtfulness, but micro-managing every minute of your event is a turnoff. (In my humble opinion!).

What are your thoughts?? Have you ever felt trapped at a party?

And thank you to my friend, Amy, who did the calligraphy for this quote! Visit her at www.adcalligraphy.com.







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3 thoughts on “A Cardinal Rule of Entertaining…

  1. SO true! Especially about not too many games at a shower, and definitely little children’s bday parties keep to no more than hour and a half! And do them early enough in the morning, before nap times or fussiness sets in!