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Easy and Delicious Cheese Board!


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Showing  you how to make this beautiful cheese board for easy entertaining. I bought just about everything from Trader Joe’s!

The key to a cheese board is color. Buy things in yummy, appealing colors that invite guests to pick them up at enjoy! I popped in Trader Joe’s last week and grabbed these goodies.

Trader Joes

Foods to include:

  • At least 3 Types of Cheeses: Choose a hard, soft, and something in between – perhaps a dill or peppered cheese. Vary the color if you don’t have a lot of color variety elsewhere. I like to cut the harder cheeses into squares for easy self-serving.
  • Pecans or Other Nuts: Oh my goodness, these Sweet and Spicy Pecans from Trader Joe’s are AMAZING. I want to eat the whole bag every time!
  • Fresh Fruit: Grapes are always easy and pretty. You could also include orange or apple slices.
  • Dried Fruit: The dried persimmons are in the nut section at Trader Joe’s; they have at Whole Foods, too. Visually they are so fun!
  • Crackers: I like to mix up flat breads with something darker. If you are in Dallas, the crisps from Empire Baking Company are fantastic. If not, Trader Joe’s stores has Rosemary Raisin Crisps which are delicious, too. Most bakeries can slice up a baguette for easy serving as well. Great if you are serving a soft cheese.
  • Other ideas: Cornichons (mini pickled cucumbers); picked okra, marinated olives. Fig jam or other preserves.

I try to avoid using a super large cheese board because it means more area to fill! Cheese boards look great when they look full so try using a smaller serving piece like my Pottery Barn cheese board and replenish as needed.

Bon apétit!






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