8 Must-See Baby Products at Buy Buy Baby

8 Must-See Products at Buy Buy Baby + Insider Tips for Buying Baby Gifts!


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It’s been over four years since I’ve had a baby so there are lots of new products to consider with Louise. So when Buy Buy BABY asked me to take a tour of their store recently and – and learn more about their registry – I jumped at the opportunity. If you ever buy baby gifts for friends, or are an expecting mom, you will want to read this post.

(Note: this post in sponsored by Buy Buy BABY but, as always, all opinions are my own!)

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Before I get to the great new products out there right, I wanted to share a few helpful tidbits that I didn’t know about Buy Buy BABY’s gift registry:

  • If a friend registers at Buy Buy BABY, but you don’t have one in your town, you can go to your local Bed, Bath, and Beyond store (owned by the same company) and purchase off the person’s registry there. You can use your 20% off Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupon and they will ship it for free! (If you order online, you will have to pay shipping.) Awesome, right?!


  • If you register at Buy Buy BABY, six weeks before your due date Buy Buy BABY will give you 10% off whatever is left in your registry. Even things that are normally excluded from coupons (Bob strollers, Baby Jogger, etc.) are included in this promotion. Yay!


  • If friends and family spend $1500 on products in your baby registry you qualify for free shipping for a year after your baby’s due date. Free shipping is incredibly helpful for a new mom.


  • If you register at Buy Buy BABY, you can ask for a tour of the store and all their great baby products. I thought I was getting special treatment, but they will do the same for any expecting or new mom!

buy buy baby store tour

I recently visited the Dallas location of Buy Buy BABY (just off the Tollway a bit north of Spring Valley) where Mark took me around the store. Having worked at Buy Buy Baby for six years, Mark was a wealth of information about everything baby. I am working on an entire baby registry essentials post (sign up here if you want to receive it in a few weeks) but here is what really stood out to me at Buy Buy Baby:

1. Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor

owlet baby monitor

This product was the first thing Mark showed me and, funny enough, my mom had already bought it for me! When the the NICU doctor told me Louise was not going to come home on oxygen or a heart monitor I was elated, but also completely panicked. I secretly wanted her to come home on a heart monitor so I would know if she stopped breathing or if something was wrong. (I think many new moms have the fear of SIDS hanging over their heads…).

Around the same time that Louise came home, my mom saw this Owlet Smart Sock 2 Baby Monitor at Buy Buy BABY and snatched it up because she wanted peace of mind (for her and me!). It is a pulse oximenter sock that will alarm if your baby’s oxygen saturation or heart rate drops. It is simple to use and there aren’t any false alarms if the sock is on correctly. It may not be for everyone, but for a preemie mom like me it has probably been the best product I could purchase. Of course, we still use every safety precaution doctors recommend (no loveys or stuffed animals in the crib, back-to-sleep, etc.), but this just gives another layer of security, in my opinion.

2. Bubula Steel Diaper Pails

bubula diaper pail

Y’all I have had three different diaper pails with my older girls and NONE of them really kept the smell at bay. So when I asked Mark if there was any new products on the market in the past few years and he recommended the Bubula. It is made from stainless steel (which helps keep the smell in) and you can use regular trash bags in them (a major plus in my book!).

There are two sizes of Bubula diaper pails but from experience I say always go with the bigger pail.

3. Motorola Digital Baby Monitor with WIFI Internet Viewing

motorola baby monitor

I did a poll on DoSayGive’s Facebook page a few weeks ago asking about baby monitors. I know there are so many great NEST-type cameras that you can see from your phone. But I kept thinking: Since I am on my phone all the time, don’t I need an actual monitor to see the baby while I am on my phone??

I realized that if I was working outside the home a monitor like that would be helpful so I could check on my baby and nanny whenever I wanted. But since I am home all the time (and often on my phone) I need an actual monitor along with an app on my phone.

Mark said this Motorola camera was the answer and is a very popular choice among new moms (and apparently DoSayGive readers). It has a monitor but you can also view from your phone, iPad, or computer. It has infrared nighttime technology so you can see your baby at night and you can talk to your baby through the camera. You can buy the same monitor with two cameras if that meets your needs better. He also said Motorola had great customer service fi you have any problems.

4. Joovy Boob Bottles

joovy boob bottles

The NICU used Dr. Brown’s bottles for Louise so that is what we are using for now. I know they are a great bottle but, y’all, I don’t love that there are so many pieces. These Joovy bottles have the same air-vent technology to help with colic WITHOUT all the pieces. And during assembly you don’t have to touch the vent part of the bottle that comes in contact with the milk, so there is less chance for cross contamination. (Perfect for a germaphobe like me!)

Also, Mark said to think of  the Joovy brand as the Tervis Tumblers of bottles. They are insulated in a similar way so keep milk warmer longer. And they come in a glass option. And you can use them as a toddler cup when they outgrow the bottle – so the price is justified since you can use them for years!

5. Designer Baby Products

buy buy baby

Because on your fourth baby you are just tired of pastels and cutesy baby patterns! Did you know that Buy Buy BABY carries a Jonathan Adler line of modern baby products and furniture like this chic rock n’ play (which is a registry must-have!). If you prefer more modern designs in your baby product, Ellen Degeneres has an exclusive line at Buy Buy BABY with clothes, furniture, baby blankets, and more.

6. Chic Diaper Bags

buy buy baby

Buy Buy BABY carries all the top brands of diaper bags. Kate Spade, Storksak, Vera Bradley, Petunia Picklebottom, just to name a few. I love this faux leather Honest Diaper Backpack. Can’t you just see Jessica Alba wearing this with her newest baby? I also of liked this Ju Ju Be backpack – comes in other cute patterns, too.

7. Personal Care Products for Baby and Mom

basq stretch mark cream

I have always loved that Buy Buy BABY is a one-stop shop, including when it comes to personal care items for baby and mom. You can buy everything from infant multivitamin drops to lactation cookies and stretch mark cream. Mark said I had to tell my readers about this highly-rated stretch mark cream. He said start using it in your second trimester – thanks, Mark!

8. HALO Muslin Sleep Sacks

HALO sleep sacks

These are new since my last baby. I love HALO sleep sacks, but now they have them in a muslin material. I also like that the patterns are more muted. These make great gifts!

Want to see all my baby picks, including the car seat and stroller I chose? Sign up for DoSayGive’s email list so you don’t miss my Baby Registry Essentials post coming in a few weeks. It won’t be a super long list. After four children I know what you need (and what you don’t)!

Thanks so much to Buy Buy BABY for sponsoring this post and to Mark for showing me so many great baby products and insider tips!

Photos: Megan Weaver



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  1. This store looks awesome! We have a baby on the way and I am gonna have to search and see where one of these are! The closest thing we have to it is probably Babies-R-Us which I don’t feel is anywhere as near as this place. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Thank you so much for posting about this! Thanks to you, I was able to get 10% off of my Doona today when finishing my registry!

  3. Have you posted the baby essentials list yet? Eager to see! We’re having our 3rd but it’s been 6 years since I bought baby essentials. Your tips are always appreciated!

    1. Congrats, Dorothy! So exciting! I have not but am working on it. Be sure you are on DoSayGive’s email list so you don’t miss it!