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The New Instagram Account I’ve Been Working On


Earlier this spring, my friend Christina Dandar from The Potted Boxwood, approached me about something that had been on her heart. She asked me if I’d like to be part of a new Instagram account that would encourage others through Scripture and prayer, but most importantly give us an opportunity to share more about our faith. Today I want to tell you about this new account as it launches today!

Being an influencer is a strange thing. When that word first started being used I despised its presumptuousness: the audacity that I think I can influence someone through a little screen!

But over time I’ve come to accept that we all have “influence” in our little spheres. For me, it’s mostly mothering my four girls.

But God has also given me this DoSayGive platform to encourage women to be more gracious and kind through their words and actions. DoSaGive is a lifestyle brand that reaches people all over the country and what a privilege it has been to “influence” people to do love their friends well for nearly eight years. I now realize I should not be embarrassed by that influence, but be so incredibly thankful for the opportunity. 

Now influencers often get a bad rap (and some of it’s probably warranted!) but there are some strong women of faith behind some of these popular accounts you follow for home, clothing, beauty and lifestyle inspiration. And we are excited to share more of their stories of faith in this new account called Influenced by Grace

This Instagram feed will be a place we can go a deeper into why we believe what we believe and how that translates into our everyday lives. Each weekday we will have a thought or story, a Bible verse and a prayer. Paige Minear of The Pink Clutch, Christina Dandar of  The Potted Boxwood and I will be the main contributors. But we will also be inviting other  influencers to share on the feed. If you are a Christian, I hope it will encourage you to stop your scrolling and focus on the One who fulfills us more than any social media app can!

But if you don’t know about Jesus or don’t know any Christians – or maybe have a negative view of Christians because of something that happened in the past – this account is really for you. We want to share more what it looks like to have a deep, abiding faith in Jesus. We want to share how we have hope when our life seems to be falling apart. You will see that we are imperfect and have so much to learn about God and the Bible, but our desire is to walk humbly with the Lord and glorify Him in everything we do. We hope you’ll see that nothing in this world – or on social media – compares to knowing the saving grace of Jesus Christ. 

Please know you can DM us questions any time. If you are seeking and questioning God and faith we would love to chat with you. 

Thanks for following along and sharing Influenced by Grace!




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