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6 Easy Ways to Elevate Your Home


The average person spends around 17 hours each day in their home, and there are more studies than we can count that point to our surroundings having a direct impact on our wellbeing. But, contrary to what social media might tell us, there’s no need for million-dollar budgets to make our homes feel more inviting. Little changes can make a big impact. And today, we’re going to share our 6 little ways to elevate your space. 

1. Include some pretty details.

Little details can elevate anything — like this $30 tissue box cover in a powder bath! This is a nice way to make a space that guests use often feel more thoughtful (and we love that it covers up those clashing tissue box designs). 

Still can't believe this is only $30. Love the monogram detail!
Beautiful linen hand towels add a thoughtful touch to a powder bath!
The front door is what everyone sees first. Add a wreath and sash!
Our favorite flameless candles. Add anywhere for a bit of mood lighting!

2. Add an appealing scent.

You know when you walk into a nice hotel and it smells so divine, that it instantly elevates your experience? You can easily do that for your own home! This Pura Diffuser was one of the top-selling gifts over the holidays on our gift guide, and it smells heavenly. Here are a few other soothing scents you’ll love:

The most amazing NEST scents in diffuser form. Great for entries!
Such a soothing scent, and not over-powering. Good for bathrooms!
These clean Pura scents are the perfect addition to your bedroom.
Smells like the beach vacation of your dreams. Add to any room!

3. Layer in new textures.

A complete remodel is out of the budget for most of us, especially coming out of the holidays. But never underestimate the difference a fun pattern, pop of color, or added texture can make — like a new Roman shade in your kitchen, a new throw pillow or two on your sofa, or a new throw blanket. Below are some of our top finds from Etsy and more.

Custom window treatments in designer fabrics for a pop of color!
Cozy and colorful! This throw brightens up any room!
Custom curtains at budget-friendly prices! Lots of color options.
Etsy is a fabulous resource for throw pillows that don't break the bank!

4. Add plant life. 

Many decor experts will say that no space is complete without greenery, and we tend to agree. Even those of us who are lacking a green thumb can find a plant, tree, or flower arrangement that’s easy to care for! A potted palm tree adds instant elegance to any home, and we love a trailing green potted vine on a bookshelf. Stop by your local nursery or find some great faux and plants below. Some are good to send as gifts, too!

Beautiful heart topiary for a favorite corner of your home.
You'd never know this is an artificial stem! Add to a vase on your shelf!
This boxwood topiary would look lovely on an entryway table.
A realistic potted palm tree that elevates any corner of any room!

5. Incorporate beautiful books.

Big, beautiful coffee table books can make a bold impact — and the best part is that you can find them at estate sales or used book stores if you don’t want to pay full price. For a collected look, books on bookshelves, coffee tables, and stacked on end tables add a nice touch. Here are some of our favorites!

Beautiful to style on a coffee table or flip through for inspiration!
A colorful book filled with the most beautiful gardens!
A DoSayGive favorite! Style anywhere to add a touch of color.
The most popular coffee table books right now!

6. Bring in color with art.

It doesn’t have to be big or expensive, but a piece of art can change the entire look and feel of a room. Etsy, Minted, Charish, and Anthropologie have incredible assortments at every price point. And don’t forget estate sales for vintage finds!

A darling, whimsical painting that would be perfect for a gallery wall.
Love this soothing landscape abstract from Ballard Designs.
Incredible price for this set of 6 botanical prints! Pretty in a bedroom!
Etsy is a great source for vintage art! This painting is lovely!

How you instantly elevate your home? Share below!

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