5 Unique Gifts For Someone Starting Out in the Real

5 Unique Gifts for Someone Starting Out in The Real World!



If you know someone who is graduating from college or graduate school, or perhaps just got their first apartment or a great new job, one of these gifts might have his or her name all over it!

Instant Vintage Book Library


A pretty, interesting bookshelf can make a stark apartment feel so much, well, like home. This genius little company sells vintage book sets all ready for book “shelfies” (yes, that’s a thing!). What a unique gift! They are always adding new instant book libraries – see them all here.

How to be a Gentleman Personal Style Kit ($16)


This How to be a Gentleman Kit is the perfect thing for a guy to keep in his new desk drawer. Everything he needs in a pinch: extra buttons, lint brush, wrinkle release, breath drops and 12 other helpful things! For a girl, these mini emergency kits are so helpful!

Monogrammed Leather Bound National Park Book or World Travel Journal ($70)



Such a neat gift for the outdoorsman or the wannabe world traveler and personalization is free! These are gifts they will have their throughout their lifetime. Complimentary gift wrapping, too. Note: I Also like this Kate Spade passport holder.

Jack Mason Reversible Collegiate Belt

This is a handsome gift for a new grad starting out in the work force: one side shows his school pride; the other side is solid leather so it’s perfect for work or weekend! Many universities available – see them all here.


Helpful Books for Keeping a Home!


This sounds so old-fashioned but I think they should bring back some sort of “home ec” in schools – for both boy and girls. Kids graduating from college and have no idea how to sew a button on or even clean properly. I found this Martha Stewart Homekeeping Handbook so helpful when I was a new grad and wife (yes, happened within weeks of each other!). It might be nice to pair this with some cute cleaning rubber gloves or a gift card from The Container Store!

Or if you want to spend a bit more, buy a real vacuum cleaner. I read a funny article recently about how millennials don’t buy real vacuum cleaners (and they should!) Help them out with a well-reviewed Kenmore.

And I have written about this cute but super helpful book for young women called Madame Chic. And I haven’t read it, but The Magic of Tidying Up is so popular right now. I’m sure it has some good habits to learn right when starting out!

See full my graduation gift guide here.

Have you bought your child’s teacher gifts yet? Browse all my cute selections in my Teacher Gift Guide. Lots ship free!

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