5 Sanity Saving Tips for Work From Home Mompreneurs

5 Tips for Work From Home Mompreneurs – with Walmart!

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I am excited to partner with Walmart to share 5 tips for work from home “mompreneurs” like me!

This post is sponsored by Walmart. Thanks for supporting the brands I love!

I recently learned about Walmart’s new premium Motile tech accessory line, which has stylish but useful products for on-the-go moms like me who depend heavily on mobile technology to keep my brand – and my life – running smoothly.

Let’s face it. Most work from home “mompreneurs” don’t have full time help. We are piecing our business or “side hustle” together bit by bit, helping our families as best we can ALL while trying not to pull our hair out.

I often receive questions about how I run the DoSayGive brand from home while still keeping my children a priority. First, let me bust the myth of “doing it all.” I don’t pretend to do it all, nor can I. I rely so much on my team and others to keep the brand running and growing.

But, y’all, these five tips are things I learned when I didn’t a team. And they still help me today:

1. Don’t depend fully on nap time.

Relying on something as unpredictable as nap time for work time can prove to be super frustrating when young children don’t nap consistently, get sick or an older sibling has an appointment at the terrible time of 1:30!

I do work during some nap times but don’t depend on it. Instead, I’ve found having more predictable “work hours” helps me tremendously. For example, I try to wake up at five am everyday so I can get up 2 hours of time to work with few distractions.

Some friends of mine have a sitter one or more days a week which are designated work days in which they either work from home, a coffee shop or a shared work space. Sometimes it takes trying a few things to figure out what works – and then sticking to it.

2. Schedule regular working power sessions.

In addition to my morning work time, I often go to a coffee shop on Saturday afternoons for what I call a “power” work session. Sometimes I can knock out five or more blog posts in one afternoon which is so much more efficient than trying to squeeze in 15 minutes of writing here or 30 minutes there.

I’ve heard of some moms booking an overnight at a local hotel once a year to knock out a TON of work at once. Sounds genius, right?!

3. Outsource what you can.

Outsource, outsource, outsource. Even if you don’t have the budget to outsource thinks like email marketing or graphic design, there are surely things you can outsource that will take things off your plate. Budget for a housekeeper, make your children to do more chores, ask a grandmother if they can watch the children every Friday morning. Maybe even partner up with a fellow mompreneur friend and you watch the kids on Thursdays and she on Fridays.

4. Make the most out of “dead” time.

The carpool line, doctor’s office waiting rooms, I use any dead time – particularly when I’m not with my children – to respond to emails, update sale posts, etc. Having a charged phone is essential for this which is why I love this Motile power bank.

5. Reduce known frustrations and stumbling blocks.

Computer always running out of space? Phone battery always teetering in the red? Don’t find yourself constantly banging your head against the wall being frustrated about the same things again and again. Figure out a solution. Ask for help. Sell things secondhand to make some extra money to pay for a new hard drive or whatever it is that will make your work experience less frustrating and more rewarding.

On that note, successful mompreneurs have to be extremely efficient with their time. Figure out what you can do to be more  efficient. If you mostly work on an iPad a bluetooth portbale keyboard might be a great accessory.

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And see more great products from Walmart’s Motile line here.

Photos: Audrie Dollins

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