Classic Children's Summer Book Club

Classic Children’s Summer Book Club!

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I am thrilled to launch DoSayGive’s first-ever Classic Children’s Summer Book Club! I hope you’ll join my family this summer as we explore some amazing authors, books, and enriching summertime activities. The book club starts June 3rd so keep reading to find out how to sign up to receive FREE printables and access to our private Facebook group!

*Update! Even though this club has already started you can still join by subscribing to our email list. Keep reading for how it works though!*

Why classic books?

Much like we choose the healthiest foods for our children,’s bodies, I believe most parents also want to put the best of the best in their children’s minds. The classic books I am sharing in DoSayGive’s Summer Book Club have stood the test of time so you can trust that they are good for your children and grandchildren. Much like food, I’ve found that when you feed children’s minds with really rich stories and illustrations, they start to recognize and, dare I say, prefer those same type of books.

Moreover, the classic children’s books in this series emphasize good, lovely, noble, and virtuous storylines. The popular hashtag  #letchildrenbechildren is something moms see often on social media, but letting our children read overly mature, violent, sarcastic storylines does not “let children be children.”

This series will allow your children to be caught up in their innocent imaginations, which is what children should be doing during the summer. Each week we will be sharing enriching and simple activities you can do at home and around town (if desired) to encourage imagination, play, and discovery.

Overall, this series will give you a foundation for choosing better books, whether old or new. 

How did you select these particular books in this summer series?

People often want to know how my girls sit and listen to me reading the longer classic books like The Black Stallion or Treasure Island. Well, it’s because I started small. First with board and short picture books and then onto longer picture books with captivating stories and beautiful illustrations. That set the stage for them to enjoy longer, more difficult chapter books (many without pictures!).

For these reasons – and also because I want to share a wide range of classic children’s authors – we are going to explore A LOT of wonderful picture books and short stories. My hope is that you can read to all or most of your children at the same time, from toddlers to elementary and even middle school children. If your children are already readers, they will have a wonderful variety of books from which to choose once you download our summer list.

For those who only want the longer chapter books, I will suggest chapter books and audio books complementary to each week’s theme. I have also chosen a few longer family read alouds to discuss in our Facebook group that I would love for you to join us on, too.

So what ages is this for?

A wide range of ages! If you have toddlers, preschoolers, or elementary children, you will enjoy this series. If you want your children to have a taste of classic literature, this is for you. If you want to make special memories with your grandchildren this summer, this is for you. If the only books your nine year old reads falls along the lines of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid, this is for you, too!

I plan to enjoy the weekly series with all my children (ages 1, 5, 8, and 11). My middle schooler might not listen to all of the books but she will listen to some and will definitely take part in helping me read. Reading is a family affair in our house.

I’ve already read my children most of these books. Should I still participate?

We would love for you to! I’ve read The Two Bad Mice to my girls at least 50 times and they still enjoy it and laugh out loud every time. That’s the beauty of classic literature: children don’t tire of it easily. I also love that many of these stories encourage virtues that are not prevalent in today’s culture and media.

Even if you’re experienced in classic children’s books, I’d still love for you to still join us in our private Facebook group to encourage and share your tips with other moms. Once we have a good foundation of classic literature this summer I would love to keep this going with a monthly read aloud during the school year.

How will it work?

Each week we will explore a different author or theme and share simple summer activities you can do at home or around town to really soak in the books we are reading (if you so desire).

For example, one week we will explore books by Robert McCloskey. Yes, you’ve probably read Blueberries for Sal, but did you know he has so many other wonderful books about being in nature? This would would be a great week to visit a local blueberry patch. During the week leading into July 5th, we will explore some of my favorite picture books and mini biographies about heroic patriots. That week would be great to visit a local battlefield or make a map of a historic battlefield at home. You get the idea! (And would love for y’all to share your ideas in the Facebook group!)

What’s the Facebook group for?

Within this private Facebook group we will:

  • Suggest activity ideas to go along with the week’s theme,
  • Share complementary chapter books, family read alouds, and/or audiobooks
  • Give tips for reading aloud
  • Provide links to past reading posts
  • Share new posts on classic literature
  • Share how to enjoy library time
  • Answer quick questions
  • **Share my full printable classic book favorites list with hundreds of titles that’s perfect to print and take to the library! Coming soon**

I plan to slow down my blog posting schedule during the month of June to spend time with my girls so this is a way I can stay connected with y’all!

What if I can’t read every week or every book? 

This is a very laid back book club. If you can only participate certain weeks, that’s great! If you only read one book a week, that’s fine, too. Perhaps you only want to participate the week your grandchildren are staying with you. This is LOW KEY and participation is as little or as much as you want.

I am not even providing a rewards checklist because I don’t want reading classics to be a chore, but something that becomes an enjoyable habit and tradition in your family. BUT if you are doing a local library or bookstore reading contest use this list to help choose good books! (I will share some checklists in the Facebook group if you really want one though!)

How do I sign up?

You can download the Classic Children’s Summer Book Club List  by subscribing to our email list. Once you subscribe, you will receive a link and password to our Classic Children’s Facebook group. (If you are already a subscriber check today’s email!)

We begin June 3rd so download the list now so you can check out books from your local library or order on Amazon! Read this post for tips for reading aloud.

Remember, you can jump in or out anytime!

A Final Word…

I am far from an expert on classic children’s literature. I just want to share my love for it with y’all and look forward to learning more. There are many wonderful books not on this list but hopefully we can enjoy those in the future, especially if this summer series goes well. Please bear with me as there may be some kinks that need to be worked out. And I would LOVE for you to share this post with friends who might love to join as well!

I will be hopping on Facebook Live tomorrow morning at 9:30 am CT to chat more about this club if you want to join me there and ask questions!

Can’t wait!


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  1. I am beyond excited. We love reading classics and are looking forward to participating in this as a family with our little girls. Thank you! ?

  2. Hello! I love this idea and would like to participate. That said, I am not on FB – Will you be posting the reading list on your blog weekly? Thanks!

  3. I haven’t received an email today, and when I clicked to subscribe it wouldn’t let me since I’m already a subscriber. I’m afraid I might have messed something up! I’m so excited about this, please send me the email.


  4. I can’t find the email, and I was already a subscriber so it won’t let time subscribe again! How can I get the password?

    1. Scroll down to the bottom of today’s email. Every email this summer will have the printable and links at the bottom of the email.