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The Top 20 Gifts on DoSayGive’s Holiday Gift Guide!


Well, another holiday season is in the books and we are so glad our Holiday Gift Guide has been a help to so many! As the holiday season wraps up for the year we thought it would be fun to share the top gifts on our Holiday Gift Guide this year, especially if you have some Christmas money to spend (or a birthday coming up). Bonus: many of these things are now on sale!

1. These Peter Millar pants have been so popular as expected! Perfect for heading to the gym or casual Saturdays. 

2. My Addison Bay Pullover that I wore at the beach was a top gift for her! 

3. The Always Pan that does so many jobs is a great gift! 

4. On Sneakers for Men were a top gift for many dads and husbands.

5. This clean beauty makeup trio from Westman Atlelier gives a beautiful glow and ships free! 

6. My favorite makeup mirror is a product that will be used for years. 

7. As always, the Barefoot Dreams cardigan is a popular gift for mothers-in-law! The blankets, too!

8. This Tommy Bahama Reversible Pullover is now more than 50% off!

9. Birdies are the comfiest flats that feel like slippers! So many cute styles.

10. Men’s workout clothes from Lululemon including this tee and shorts. There’s a big sale going on right now at Lululemon, too!

11. Lululemon Align Leggings for Women are always popular on our guide but this year the belt bag was SUPER popular, too. 

12. Dyson Air Wrap of course!

13. Nike Airforce sneakers in all color

14. This handsome belt set for men was a popular gift for men!

15. For teen girls these were the shorts everyone had on their list!

16. Bombas socks are always a hit! 

17. The Solo Stove was a top gift for the second year in a row! 

18. The Theragun was hugely popular this year!  

19. Dudley Stephens pullovers in all three styles were a hit!

20. These cashmere-line gloves for women are now 40% off!  

21. Last but not least Ugg Slippers for men and women are always a hit! 

Be sure to browse our After Christmas Sale post for more great things on sale!

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