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Limited Time Special Price on Our Etiquette Course for Teen Girls!


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Last summer we hosted a virtual etiquette camp for teen girls that was so well received, we had so many moms begging for us to do it again. Well, I’m thrilled to announce that today we are launching our Etiquette Essentials for Teen Girls online workshop that can be watched anytime, anywhere! Note: this is a soft launch, meaning you can only purchase the workshop for a limited time!

When I started DoSayGive, my vision was not only to encourage women to be lovely and gracious in everything they do, say and give, but to also encourage the next generation.

Doesn’t our world need more kindness and respect? Well, that starts young! I have a BIG vision for reaching girls all over the country through this course — and showing them that you can be confident and strong in convictions while also having lovely and gracious manners. 

Of course, we cover the traditional etiquette topics everyone should know like manners, how to set a proper table, and being a guest in someone’s home.

But we go deeper and discuss issues that are relevant to teen girls and where they are in life right now. Like friendships! Every teen girl I know longs for a good friend. Well, in one of the workshop videos we go over the traits of a good friend. We also give tips for making friends and stepping out of our comfort zones and being inclusive. Many adults don’t even know that there is an etiquette to friendship, but there is! And we cover that in the workshop.

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Another topic that most manners classes don’t cover: Social media! As someone who is immersed in the world of social media, I give the girls perspective on the numbers, the algorithm, and give them tips for what to do when they start comparing themselves. We share the etiquette guidelines everyone should know when it comes to posting and sharing. 

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This online workshop is so unique and special that we are planning a BIG launch this summer, when teens will be out of school and looking for something fun to do. But we are releasing it to our DSG community NOW for a special discounted price. We cannot contain our excitement about this workshop and hope that you will love it as much as we do — and then tell your friends about it in a few months! 

For the month of April, you can purchase the workshop for $59. This is an incredible value because the price will increase to $99 this summer! If you purchase now, you will have unlimited access to the workshop site and can watch the content anytime. You may even want to purchase now at the soft launch price and then wait until summer to watch. That’s perfectly fine! 

This summer we will be adding additional videos and content to the site and have a few more exciting things up our sleeve, too. But even if you purchase know, you will have access to any additional content we release. So it’s really a no-brainer! 

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Sometimes it helps to have assistance in what you are already trying to do at home. Especially as girls get into the teenage years, having an outside “expert” echo what you’ve been teaching can be quite effective. Our non-stuffy and modern etiquette workshop is something your teen girls will love! And you can download the app to make it easier to view on your phone or on the go — whatever works for your family!

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2 thoughts on “Limited Time Special Price on Our Etiquette Course for Teen Girls!

  1. Will you have another teen etiquette class after the summer is over? We are on vacation during the time you are offering this class. Would love to know of other dates. Thank you.

    1. I am not sure! We are leaving the materials up for two weeks so she can “take” the class the following week if she wants!

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